Total Gym 1900 Review: A Versatile and Low-Impact Workout Machine

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Welcome to our Total Gym 1900 Review! If you are looking for a total body workout machine for an affordable price, you definitely have to consider the Total Gym 1900. 

There are now loads of different Total Gyms out there and it can be hard to work out what the differences are (other than price). So, even if you decide you want a Total Gym (maybe you have compared Total Gym against Bowflex), you still have to choose which machine to go for. 

I hate making decisions, and I hope that this review of the Total Gym 1900 will help you to decide if the 1900 Total Gym is the one for you.

What Is The Total Gym 1900?

The Total Gym 1900 is one of the most affordable models in the Total Gym range. I’ll be honest, if you are new to home gyms, the range offered by Total Gym can be a bit confusing. The names are pretty similar with just a number or some letters to differentiate between them.

You can choose between the Total Gym 1100, 1400, 1600, and 1900.  These machines are at the lower end of their price range. 

The switch to 3 random letters signifies the switch to more high-end machines like the Total Gym XLS, FIT, and GTS.

These gyms come in quite a wide price range but the basic function of the machine is consistent across the range. They all use the classic Total Gym design using a slanted glide board and pulleys. They use gravity to provide resistance and offer a full-body workout and a huge range of different exercises. 

I am a big fan of Total Gyms and have written a number of other reviews of their equipment which you can read on this site. 

The concept is simple but effective. By using your body weight and gravity to provide the resistance you are able to quickly switch between exercises and they offer an incredible amount of variety for a machine that can fold up and be kept under your bed. 

The Total Gym 1900 is one of the most affordable machines offered by this brand and is around $300. The main differences between models are 

  • Weight capacity
  • Attachments
  • Levels of resistance

The more expensive models will also allow you to do more exercises, this is thanks to the additional attachments that are available/come with them. But we are here for a Total Gym 1900 review so lets see what this machine can do.

How Many Exercises Can You Do On a Total Gym 1900?

The Total Gym 1900 has fewer exercises than the higher-end models, But, you still get 60, yeas sixty different exercise options. Not bad! It’s a compact machine so this amount of versatility is pretty impressive from one home gym and they will give you a full body workout with upper body, lower body, and core exercises.

It’s worth mentioning that this number is a bit higher than you might think once you start working out. This is because small variations like doing an exercise with one arm or two arms is counted as 2 exercises. Similarly, the same exercise might be done in a slightly different way like alternating your arm or legs vs moving them at the same time. 

Still, there is no denying that you get a lot of variations on the Total Gym 1900 and you can achieve a full range of motion on this machine which will give you more strength and flexibility gains. 

The exercises are primarily aimed at people that want to improve their fitness, toning, or strength. They are not really for bulking up or getting pumped muscles. The 1900 doesn’t have the option to add a weight bar (the mover expensive Total Gyms can do), so you only have your own body weight to work with. This is enough for most people and by adjusting the angle of the glide board you can adjust the level of resistance to make your workout more or less intense as required. 

What are the Resistance Levels on the Total Gym 1900?

The Total Gym 1900 has 12 different resistance levels which is actually the highest of all the Total Gym range, despite its low price point. This gives you a good amount of control over the intensity of your workout. 

As it is the maximum angle that gives the maximum resistance, the number of levels doesn’t correlate to a higher maximum resistance level, it just means you can adjust the level of difficulty more precisely. 

To adjust the resistance level you simply alter the angle of the board. This adjusts the amount of your body weight that is working against you. The flatter you have the board the easier the workout. 

If you fancy a challenge then raise it up to the highest level where you will have 45% of your body weight working against you. This is lower than some models like the XLS and is one of the justifications for the different price levels. 

What attachments come with the Total Gym 1900?

The 1900 comes with 6 different attachments, these are a Pilates bar, leg pulley harness, and 4 different sets of handles for exercises like dips, pull-ups, and press-ups. It also has an ab crunch accessory which helps you to work your core. 

This is everything that you need to do the 60 exercises that the machine offers. You can buy other extra attachments. The most useful is probably the squat stand, although it is still possible to do squats using the open frame as it arrives in the box. 

The Total Gym 1900 also arrives with 2 different workout DVDs and a book of exercises that will help you get started with your workout straight away.

What is the weight capacity of the Total Gym 1900?

The Total Gym 1900 has a 350 lb user weight capacity which is pretty good given the price and target audience of this machine. It is lower than some other machines like the XLS or GTS so if you are heavier it’s better to look at those machines. 

I think the weight capacity shows how well-built this machine is and the Total Gym has a lot of faith that it won’t collapse under the weight of the average user. 

Is it hard to assemble the Total Gym 1900?

It is not hard to assemble the Total Gym 1900. In fact, there is no assembly required! It comes fully assembled in the box. You just have to unfold it and insert a pin to set the resistance level that you require. 

Is The Total Gym 1900 The Money?

In short, yes. 

The Total Gym 1900 is a great product for a good low price. It’s a well built home gym from a company that has a great reputation. The 1900 allows you to do 60 exercises and achieve a full body workout without the worry of weights or resistance bands. So long as you use it, the Total Gym 1900 should prove a great investment.


  • 60 different exercises
  • 12 resistance levels
  • 6 different attachments
  • Includes 2 workout DVDs
  • 350 lb weight capacity
  • Price
  • No assembly required
  • Low impact on joints
  • Quickly change between exercises


  • No squat stand included
  • It’s long (8ft, so check your exercise space)

Overall, I’m a fan of the Total Gym 1900. It is perfect for anyone who is trying to stay fit using low-impact exercises, or for anyone that wants a compact, easy-to-use all-in-one home gym at an affordable price.

Total Gym 1900 Review: Final Thoughts

The Total Gym isn’t perfect for everyone. If you are a true fitness enthusiast or already super fit, you may find the Total Gym 1900 a bit limited. It has a max resistance of 45% of your body weight and no more weight can be added. So, if you are looking to build muscles you are better off looking at free weights, a power rack, or a Bowflex home gym

For nearly everyone else, this is a hugely effective way to get in or stay in shape. It’s also really compact and can fold up ( a bit like a really thick ironing board). So, if you want to get fitter but don’t want to dedicate a whole room to fitness equipment then it is a perfect solution.  

The exercises are low impact and will help you to feel energized after a workout (rather than beaten down) and you will probably find yourself wanting to go back and do another set after your workout is done, which is really what you are looking for!

Overall, the Total Gym 1900 is a good buy for most people. Click below to find out more.

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