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Bowflex PR1000 VS PR3000 [2023 Comparison Review]

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Welcome to our Bowflex PR1000 vs PR3000 comparative review. If you are looking to invest in a complete home gym then these two models from such a well-respected manufacturer must surely be high up on your list. 

If you have found this page then you are probably wondering which is better the PR1000 or the PR3000. At first glance, they do look very similar, but there are a few key differences that we will highlight in this review. 

It is worth pointing out that unlike traditional machines, all Bowflex home gyms use resistance technology that doesn’t rely on gravity. The key is the Power Rod technology that eliminates inertia while reducing strain on the joints and tendons. This results in a workout that is safer and more efficient than using a free weights system or weight stack machine. 

The progressive resistance of the power rods in both the PR1000 and PR3000 serves two important purposes. First, it creates less resistance at the start of every exercise (when you’re at your weakest), which reduces strain on your joints.

Second, it gradually increases the resistance throughout each exercise to push you to your limit and maximize results. 

On top of this, there is no need to have a spotter as you would with free weights, so it is the perfect system to use at home on your own.

So, without further ado, we will go on to our PR1000 vs PR3000 comparison.

Bowflex PR3000 vs PR1000 – Key Features


Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym

  • 50 different exercises
  • Quick change pulley system
  • Vertical bench
  • 210 pounds of resistance that can be upgraded to 310 lbs
  • Footprint: 96x76x83 inches


UOKOO PR1000 Home Gym

  • 30 different exercises
  • Integrated rowing machine
  • Foldable, horizontal bench
  • 210 pounds of maximum power rod resistance
  • Built in media rack
  • Footprint: 103x80x82 inches

Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym

Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym

The PR3000 is a newer model than the PR1000 and comes with a few extra features and the chance to try out over 50 different exercises. The PR3000 allows you to start with a base rod resistance of 5 pounds and work your way all the way up to 210 pounds. Most people will be more than happy with this, but if you need a more challenging workout it is possible to upgrade to 310lbs.

There are over 50 exercises that you can do with the Bowflex PR3000 so you will find plenty of ways to maintain and build your fitness. When you buy this machine, you get access to Bowflex’s Full Body Plan which gives you loads of great online workout resources. 

One of the key features of the PR 3000 is that you do not need to change the cables between exercises. The PR3000 comes with a quick change system of 6 fixed pulley cable stations so there is no need to stop and adjust the cables, you just grab the one that matches the muscle group you plan to work on. The more basic PR1000 doesn’t have this feature and requires you to manually move the cables before resuming your workout. 

Bowflex PR 1000

UOKOO PR1000 Home Gym

The PR1000 has been around for a few years and is a bit cheaper than the PR3000, despite this it could well offer all that you need from a home gym. 

The PR1000 has up to 210 lbs of lightweight resistance rods. These lightweight rods are a great alternative to traditional weight stacks but they cannot be upgraded on the PR1000 like they can on the PR3000. 

The PR1000 has a fold-down bench, so you have the option of performing row cardio and supine movements that you can’t do on the PR3000. The inbuilt rowing machine on the PR1000 is a great way of exercising and it is a shame the 3000 does not have this option. 

Rowing is a great way to increase stamina and it tones and builds your muscle. It requires you to use all the major muscle groups and gives you a great upper and lower body workout. As your heart and lungs get going it gives you a great aerobic workout which is great for both fitness and weight loss. 

Bowflex PR1000 vs Bowflex PR3000 – Which is the most Versatile?

Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym

Both of these machines will allow you to perform multiple exercises in the comfort of your own home. The PR3000 has a greater range of exercises that you can do – over 50 exercises, whereas the PR1000 only has around 30. 

It is not quite as clear cut as that sounds though. The range is larger on the PR3000 and it is the better option for strength training. But the PR3000 lacks the option to exercise from a flat bench so if you like to bench press from a horizontal position or fancy having a rowing machine in your home gym, you should still consider the PR1000 which allows you to perform a wide range of supine manoeuvres and cardio based movements. 

Obviously, one of the great things about a home multi-gym is the chance to do such a great variety of workouts in just a small space and from buying just one machine. The more variety in your workout, the more muscle groups you can exercise and the fitter and stronger you should get. 

Given the lack of a horizontal bench on the PR3000, we don’t think that we can call a clear winner on the number of exercises and the versatility of the machine. Most people are likely to be happy with either, if you need a bench to work out on then the PR1000 will be better for you (you could also consider the Bowflex Blaze).

It may seem strange that the newer version lacks the fold-out bench. Well, it could be because studies have shown that exercises performed in the incline position work your muscles harder than usual, which gives you a better full-body workout.

The PR3000 has been designed to work this way and add resistance to your workout so that more energy is exerted to fuel the muscles. The PR1000’s horizontal set-up allows you to do more exercises but your muscles are a little more relaxed and the workout is not quite so intense. It is a good option if you have issues with a bad back.

Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym vs PR3000 – Design and Build Quality

Both Bowflex PR1000 and PR3000 come with a stylish design, it is pretty much the same design to be honest, which makes sense as the PR3000 is an upgrade of the PR1000. Both have been well made and feel like they are built to last. 

Bowflex has confidence in its products and offers a great warranty as standard. The PR3000 is covered by a 1 year warranty on the frame, 7 year warranty on the power rods and 60 day warranty for parts. The PR1000 has a shorter 5-year warranty on the power rods but has the same length guarantee for the frame and parts. 

Both the PR1000 and PR3000 have a maximum user weight of 300lbs.

 PR3000 vs PR1000 – How much space do you need?

One of the great things about a home multi gym is that you can do so many different exercises in one machine and in a small amount of space. 

But they do still take up a bit of space in your house and if you are short on space then this could be a key criterion when choosing between the PR1000 and PR3000.

The PR 1000 is a bit bigger than the 3000. It measures 103 x 80 x 82 inches compared to dimensions of 96 x 76 x 83 inches for the PR 3000. It is not a huge difference but if your space is a bit tight then it could make all the difference. 

Don’t forget that with both of these machines you will need to have space around them to allow the bows to flex outwards and to make it a comfortable exercise experience for you. 

 PR1000 vs PR3000 – Price Comparison

When you buy a home gym like the PR1000 or PR3000 it is a significant investment, but we think that they actually offer great value for money. Especially when you factor in what you can save by not having a gym membership. 

When it comes to a price comparison between the PR1000 and PR3000, there is a bit of a difference. That is largely due to the 3000 being the newer machine. It has the no-change pulley system (which is a bit of a game-changer), it offers more exercises and you have the option to upgrade to higher resistance levels as your strength level increases.

The PR1000 is unbelievably good value and it is a great piece of equipment for anyone who is looking to get serious about their home workout.

Bowflex PR1000 vs PR3000 – Final Thoughts

As you will have gathered by now, these are both great exercise machines and there is not that much to choose between them. The PR1000 is cheaper, which is always good and it offers a horizontal bench to work out on. The PR3000 lacks the bench but allows you to do a greater number of exercises and you do not need to interrupt your workout to change pulleys and cables around. 

It also allows you to push yourself further and harder as you can increase the resistance by an extra 100lbs, whilst the incline bench gives you a more intense workout.

Honestly, it is hard to pick a winner. The low price of the PR1000 means that it is ideally suited if you are new to working out, whilst the PR3000 offers a more intense workout for those that have already built up a good strength level, it is a machine that will grow with you so it’s more likely to be the only machine you ever need to buy.

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