Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine SF-RW5854 Review

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This Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine review will take a detailed look at one of the most popular budget rowing machines on the market.

SHF has truly mastered the art of creating high-quality fitness machines that won’t break the bank. And their Magnetic Rowing Machine (SF-RW5854) is a shining example of this.

It’s just a shame they are rubbish at names!

This rower is a steal at under $500. With 16 levels of adjustable magnetic resistance, 7 workout options, and a weight capacity of 300 lbs, it’s hard to beat in terms of value. Plus, its magnetic resistance system ensures that you’ll enjoy a virtually silent workout, which is perfect for early birds or night owls who don’t want to disturb their sleeping loved ones.

But with so many rowing machines on the market, how do you know if this one is the right choice for you?

That’s where I come in.

In this review, we’ll dive deep into all the features and benefits of the SF-RW5854.

By the end, you’ll have all the information you need to make an informed decision. Trust me, this rower is definitely worth considering!

Sunny Health SF-RW5854 Review

If you’re looking for affordable exercise equipment, Sunny Health & Fitness is a brand worth looking at.

They offer a wide range of home fitness gear, with the majority of their products priced under $500. And when it comes to rowing machines, they’ve got you covered with hydraulic, air, water, and magnetic rowers.

However, with so many magnetic rowers in their lineup, it can be tough to figure out which one is the best fit for you. Their model names all sound pretty similar, so you’ll have to dig a bit deeper to find the differences between them.

That being said, the SF-RW5854 stands out as their most advanced magnetic rower yet.

It boasts a more sophisticated monitor, 16 levels of magnetic resistance, 7 workout programs, a 300 lb weight capacity, folding frame for storage, ANT+ heart rate monitor compatibility, pivoting foot pedals, and quiet operation. Plus, it’s easy to assemble and comes in at a great price point.

Of course, there are always some downsides to consider. The warranty on this model could be longer. But overall, the SF-RW5854 is definitely worth considering if you’re in the market for an affordable, high-quality rowing machine.

Let’s break it down for you! Here are the key highlights and potential drawbacks of the SF-RW5854 magnetic rowing machine:

SF-RW5854 Magnetic Rowing Machine – Quick Verdict


  1. Display: Enjoy the benefits of an enlarged digital monitor that keeps you engaged and informed throughout your workouts.
  2. Adjustable Resistance: With a whopping 16 levels of magnetic resistance, you can customize your intensity and challenge yourself as you progress.
  3. Workout Variety: Explore 7 different workout programs that cater to your fitness goals and keep your exercise routine fresh and exciting.
  4. Sturdy: Boasting a generous 300 lb weight capacity, this rower accommodates a wide range of users, providing stability and peace of mind.
  5. Space-Saving Design: The folding frame allows you to conveniently store the rower when not in use, making it ideal for compact living spaces.
  6. Heart Rate Monitoring: Stay on top of your heart rate goals by utilizing the ANT+ compatibility, enabling you to connect your heart rate monitor for accurate tracking.
  7. Enhanced Comfort: The pivoting foot pedals adapt to your natural motion, reducing strain and providing a comfortable rowing experience.
  8. Peaceful Workouts: Experience quiet operation thanks to the magnetic resistance system, allowing you to exercise anytime without disturbing others.
  9. Hassle-Free Assembly: Enjoy the convenience of easy assembly, getting you on your way to rowing in no time.
  10. Affordable Excellence: Last but not least, this rowing machine offers exceptional value for its price, giving you top-notch features without breaking the bank.


  1. Limited Warranty: Some users have expressed a desire for a longer warranty to ensure prolonged protection and peace of mind.

The SF-RW5854 magnetic rowing machine delivers an impressive array of features and benefits, making it a strong contender for anyone seeking a versatile, space-saving, and budget-friendly exercise solution.

SF-RW5854 Magnetic Resistance

Let’s dive into the resistance capabilities of the SF-RW5854 magnetic rowing machine.

As a magnetic rower, the resistance is generated through magnets that are brought closer or farther away from the spinning flywheel.

It’s a smart and intuitive system that allows you to easily increase or decrease the intensity of your workout.

One of the big advantages of magnetic rowers is their near-silent operation.

Unlike air or water rowers that produce a distinct “swooshing” sound, magnetic rowers keep things hushed, which can be a plus for those who prefer a quiet workout environment. Although, some enthusiasts find that rhythmic sound oddly soothing.

Another noteworthy feature is that the resistance remains consistent regardless of your rowing speed.

Unlike air or water rowers where the resistance increases as you pull harder and faster, magnetic rowers offer a steady and adjustable resistance throughout your strokes.

This means you can challenge yourself with higher resistance even when rowing at a slower pace.

With the SF-RW5854, Sunny Health & Fitness has equipped their magnetic rower with an 11 lb flywheel and an impressive 16 levels of magnetic resistance.

This combination gives you ample options to fine-tune your workout intensity, catering to your fitness goals and personal preferences.

In terms of performance, a heavier flywheel generally provides a smoother rowing experience.

Compared to previous models, Sunny Health & Fitness has doubled the flywheel weight to 11 lb, ensuring a more fluid motion during your workouts.

They’ve also upgraded the resistance adjustment mechanism, allowing you to conveniently modify the resistance level directly from the digital monitor rather than fiddling with a dial on the machine’s side.

Overall, the majority of users find the resistance capabilities of this rower to be more than sufficient for a challenging workout.

The expanded range of resistance, from 8 to 16 levels, gives you greater control over your workout intensity, allowing you to push yourself to new limits and achieve your fitness goals with confidence.

SF-RW5854 Frame

When it comes to rowing machines, a sturdy frame is absolutely essential. The last thing you want is to feel the frame rocking or wobbling while you’re in the middle of a workout.

After all, you’re aiming for a great rowing experience, not a makeshift boat ride that leaves you feeling seasick.

A reliable indicator of frame strength is the weight capacity of the rower. The higher the weight capacity, the stronger the components must be.

In the case of Sunny Health & Fitness’ magnetic rower, it boasts an impressive 300 lb weight capacity, which is quite remarkable considering its affordable price range.

Such a high weight limit not only demonstrates enhanced structural quality but also ensures that the rower can safely accommodate heavy rowers while it is also long enough to be used by tall rowers.

In addition to its robust build, the rower’s frame is designed with convenience in mind.

It folds easily, so you can store it away easily which is particularly good for those who are tight on space.

Users have consistently praised the smooth sliding motion of the seat along the 45″ aluminum rail which helps you perfect your rowing technique.

This ensures a comfortable and seamless rowing experience, allowing you to focus on your workout without any unnecessary distractions.

The pivoting foot pedals contribute to your overall comfort by helping to maintain a natural and ergonomic position for your ankles throughout the entire rowing motion.

All in all, this affordable rowing machine excels in terms of frame strength and stability. With its impressive weight capacity and convenient folding feature, it provides a reliable and space-saving solution for your home workouts.

SF-RW5854 Monitor

When it comes to affordable rowing machines, many of them are equipped with small LCD monitors that only display basic workout statistics.

Often, these screens are so tiny that you can’t see all the stats at once, and you have to wait for your preferred metric to cycle through.

Fortunately, Sunny Health & Fitness has stepped up its game by upgrading the monitor on this magnetic rower.

The new monitor is larger, allowing you to view all the important stats simultaneously. What’s even better is that you can adjust the position of the monitor, ensuring optimal visibility during your workout.

To power this digital monitor, an AC adaptor is included, eliminating the need for batteries. However, it’s important to position the rower near an outlet to ensure a continuous power supply.

But the improvements don’t stop there.

This rower offers a total of 7 workout options for you to choose from. You’ll find 4 custom workouts, 2 challenge modes, and an intriguing recovery option.

The recovery feature is particularly interesting as it utilizes your heart rate (yes, this monitor is ANT+ heart rate monitor compatible) to determine how quickly you recover from a workout. It’s a fantastic metric to gauge your fitness level and track your progress over time.

All in all, this rower goes above and beyond the standard monitors typically found in its price range.

It’s refreshing to see an affordable rowing machine that not only offers a more advanced monitor but also provides a variety of workout programs to keep your exercise routine diverse and engaging.

SF-RW5854 Assembly

Assembling the SHF magnetic rower is very easy.

With just 6 simple steps, including plugging it in (if you can even count that), the process is straightforward and hassle-free.

The instruction manual provided is clear and easy to follow, offering written directions accompanied by helpful images for each step. The size of the images ensures that you can easily identify which hardware goes with each piece.

The best part is that all the necessary tools are included, saving you the trouble of searching for additional equipment.

Most individuals with average physical capabilities should have no problem assembling this rower on their own.

In terms of time, you can expect to spend approximately 30 to 60 minutes putting this model together, allowing you to get to your rowing workouts in no time.

SHF Magnetic Rowing Machine Warranty

Let’s talk about the warranty coverage for the SHF Magnetic Rowing Machine. Here’s what it offers:

  • Frame: 3 years
  • Parts: 180 days

Considering the price point of this rower, the warranty provided is pretty fair.

Admittedly, a 3-year frame warranty might seem a bit short. However, when you compare it to the renowned Concept2 RowErg, which costs more than double and offers a 5-year frame warranty, the SHF warranty doesn’t seem too bad.

Similarly, the 180-day parts guarantee might feel limited, but it’s not unexpected within this price range.

It’s important to set realistic expectations when considering warranties for budget-friendly options.

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine (SF-RW5854) Review – Final Thoughts

The Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine (SF-RW5854), is a budget rower that checks all the right boxes.

The standout feature of this rower, in my opinion, is its upgraded monitor.

It’s a rarity to find rowing machines in this price range that offer programmed workouts, let alone a competitive option that allows you to challenge your previous scores. The added functionality and versatility of the monitor elevate the rowing experience.

Another great feature is the rower’s impressive 300 lb weight capacity. In a market where most rowers typically cap at 250-285 lbs, the higher weight limit speaks volumes about the improved frame integrity of this machine.

Moreover, the SF-RW5854 sets itself apart with its 16 levels of resistance, doubling the number offered by many other rowers in this price range.

This extensive range of resistance options provides you with more control over the intensity of your workouts.

If I had to voice a concern, it would be the warranty, though even that isn’t a deal-breaker considering the affordability of this rowing machine.

All things considered, the SF-RW5854 is a solid investment.

It serves as an excellent choice for beginner to moderate-level rowers who want to incorporate rowing into their fitness routine.

While more experienced rowers or households with multiple users might prefer a more expensive machine, the SF-RW5854 remains one of the top contenders in this price range.

Make no mistake, with its impressive features and enticing price point, the SF-RW5854 is a winner in its class.

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