Aviron Impact vs Strong – Which is Right for You?

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Are you trying to choose between the Aviron Impact vs Strong?

Then, you are in the right place!

In this Aviron Impact vs Aviron Strong rower review, we’ll take a closer look at what each of these awesome interactive rowing machines has to offer.

We’ll discuss their key features, what we like about them, any drawbacks we’ve noticed, and ultimately whether they’re worth the investment.

We’ll also highlight the differences between the Impact series rower and the newly released Aviron Strong series rowers.

Aviron Strong vs Impact – Quick Verdict

I love both of these rowers!

The way that Aviron has turned rowing into a game is fantastic.

If you are the kind of person that needs a bit of motivation to exercise, then this is a game changer.

You will soon find yourself returning to the machine to beat your score, race other people, or join a class with a trainer.

It’s fun, but guess what? You get fit at the same time with a full-body workout that is hard to beat.

There’s not too much to choose between the Impact vs Strong.

The Strong has a great low rail but high seat combo, a screen that swivels, a higher weight limit, adjustable foot pads, and can be stored upright.

The Impact is a bit cheaper, more lightweight, and folds.

They both offer the same high-quality workout and have the same awesome streaming content.

Get one, whichever one you like the sound/look of, but be sure to get one.

You will not regret it and there is a 30-day risk-free trial, so you have nothing to lose!

What Are Aviron Rowers Like?

Both the Aviron Impact Rower and Aviron Strong Rower are “smart rowers.”

Unlike the traditional rowing machines you might be familiar with from your local gym, these smart rowers offer a more dynamic and interactive experience.

Picture this: real-time competitions, leaderboards, badges, and even group workouts. It’s all about creating an engaging digital rowing workout through gamification and a sense of community.

Aviron employs proven psychological principles and game design to make your fitness journey more entertaining and motivate you to stick with your exercise routine.

They’ve truly mastered the art of blending fun and fitness.

I love this. Everyone wants to get fitter. But so often our best intentions only last so long as we get bored.

Not with Aviron.

There is too much going on here to get bored! So, you are more likely to stick with it and more likely to improve your health, fitness, and quality of life.

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Currently, there are two options available from Aviron: the Impact series and the Strong series.

Each offers its own unique features, allowing you to choose the one that suits your needs and preferences best. They are both awesome but let’s do a bit more of an Aviron Strong vs Impact comparison.

Aviron Impact

Let’s talk about the Aviron Impact rower. It’s slightly more budget-friendly than the Aviron Strong but comes packed with all the features you need to enjoy your home rowing workouts.

Aviron Impact

Just like its counterpart, the Aviron Strong, the Impact model provides unlimited access to Aviron’s interactive content. However, there are some slight differences in the actual rowing machine itself.

Considered the “lightweight option,” the Aviron Impact series rowing machine weighs in at 93 lbs, but still has a very decent user weight capacity (397 pounds). It can be folded up and wheeled away when you are done exercising.

But don’t let its lighter build fool you. This rower still delivers impressive benefits.

First, it boasts a quality nylon belt that ensures a quiet and smooth rowing experience. Say goodbye to noisy workouts that disturb the peace!

Additionally, the high frame rail of the Impact model makes it easier to hop on and off the machine, enhancing convenience and accessibility.

Overall, we believe the Aviron Impact is a great choice for most users seeking a quality connected smart rower. It strikes a balance between affordability and functionality, offering an amazing rowing experience that won’t break the bank.

>>> See Aviron Impact Specs here

Aviron Strong

The Aviron Strong, is a slightly pricier option (with an additional $300 investment) but comes packed with some impressive additional features that set it apart from the Aviron Impact.

Aviron Strong

One standout feature of the Strong model is the ability to widen the foot pads. This is particularly useful if you have wide hips or limited hip mobility, as it ensures a comfortable and accommodating rowing experience.

The Strong series also boasts a high seat/low frame combination, making it more user-friendly for getting on and off the machine.

Another noteworthy feature of the Strong series is its screen, which can rotate to the side (the Impact screen can only move up and down).

This design tweak is especially beneficial for combined on/off rower workouts, providing better visibility and usability during your exercise sessions.

While the Aviron Strong doesn’t fold, it can be stored vertically, free-standing, which can be more practical and convenient than folding designs.

Just make sure your ceilings are tall enough to fit it in!

All in all, the Aviron Strong is designed to deliver powerful performance and user-friendly features.

  1. Swiveling HD Touchscreen: The 22-inch HD touchscreen is the same as the one found in the Impact Series, but it offers the convenience of swiveling both left and right, as well as up and down.
  2. Complete Connectivity: Equipped with Bluetooth capability, WiFi, a 2MP camera, microphone, and 2X5 watt speakers, this rower ensures seamless connectivity for an enhanced user experience.
  3. Robust Construction: Built with a high-strength steel and aluminum frame, this rower is designed to support heavier users compared to the Impact Series, which makes it an ideal choice for heavier individuals.
  4. Dual Resistance System: Similar to the Impact rower, the Strong rower combines both air and magnetic resistance. However, a unique feature of this rower allows you to direct air from the fan directly onto your face or body, providing a refreshing cool-down option. Say goodbye to clip-on USB fans!
  5. Quiet and Durable: The commercial-grade belt ensures whisper-quiet operation, and its durability is unmatched. Expect this rower to last for decades, delivering reliable performance over time.
  6. Convenient Frame Design: With a low 10-inch frame height, you can effortlessly step over and settle onto the comfortably raise 20-inch seat. No more concerns about how to stand up after your workout session!
  7. Upright Storage: This rower can be conveniently stored upright on one end without the need for additional wall support or securing devices, saving space in your home.
  8. Adjustable Foot Pedals: The foot pedals offer exceptional adjustability, ensuring a customized and comfortable fit for users of varying sizes.
  9. Ergonomic Handlebar: The wide 19-inch handlebar rotates and features an ergonomic design, reducing the risk of wrist pain and promoting a comfortable rowing experience.
  10. Optional Lumbar Support: Addressing the needs of users with low back pain, the rower offers an optional lumbar support add-on, providing essential comfort and support during workouts.

If you’re willing to invest a bit more, you’ll enjoy the added benefits and enhanced convenience it brings to your rowing experience.

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Aviron Impact vs Strong Series: Quick Comparison Chart

Model NameAviron Impact SeriesAviron Strong Series
Monitor22-inch HD touchscreen22-inch HD touchscreen that swivels
Workout Modes8 different modes8 different modes
Maximum User Weight Limit397 Pounds507 Pounds
Machine Weight93 pounds114 Pounds
Storage Dimensions54” L x 21” W x 62” H (folded)35” L x 27” W x 83 H (upright)
Overall Dimensions97” L x 21” W x 43” H84” L x 27” W x 48” H
Type of ResistanceDual resistance
Air and Magnetic
Dual resistance
Air and Magnetic
Current Price $1,999 (Check Here)$2,299 (Check Here)
Subscription Cost $29 per month (or save $60 with an annual membership)$29 per month (or save $60 with an annual membership)

What is the difference between Aviron Strong and Impact?

I think you can probably tell that I love both of these rowers but it wouldn’t be an Aviron Strong vs Impact review if I didn’t clearly state the differences so I’ll just recap some of the the key upgrades that the Strong has compared to the Impact:

  • Sturdier frame and higher user weight capacity
  • Rotating screen
  • Lower frame height (while maintaining the same seat height)
  • Vertical storage capability (no folding)
  • Adjustable-width pedals
  • Directed cool air flow from the fan
  • Phone holder
  • Compatibility with lumbar support

Aviron Strong vs Impact Rower – Choosing the Right Model for You

When it comes to selecting the perfect Aviron rower for your needs, both models offer access to Aviron’s fantastic interactive content.

So, it ultimately comes down to which design resonates with you.

However, we believe that the Strong series, with its additional $300 investment, brings some genuinely useful features to the table.

One standout feature of the Strong series is its unique high seat/low rail combination. This design offers enhanced comfort and ease of use during your rowing sessions. It’s a fantastic feature that sets it apart from the Impact model.

Another feature we absolutely love about the Strong series is the ability to rotate the screen.

This allows you to combine your rowing workouts with some free weights or other exercises, providing a versatile and dynamic workout experience.

Additionally, the Strong series offers the convenience of vertical storage without the need for support. It’s a handy storage solution, although do keep in mind that the machine itself is on the heavier side. So, take that into consideration if you opt for this model.

Both Aviron rower models have their merits, but the Strong series truly shines with its unique features.

If the high seat/low rail combo, screen rotation capability, and convenient vertical storage resonate with you, then the Strong series might just be the perfect fit.

But, I have to say that the Impact is a true bargain when it comes to smart rowers and offers a great workout experience.

Aviron Rower Workouts

Aviron’s rowing machine is undeniably impressive, ranking among the best in the market.

But where Aviron truly shines is in the realm of software and the vast array of workouts they offer.

Aviron race in progress

Once you log into your Aviron device, you’ll discover an incredible selection of 7 workout styles to choose from, with a whopping 500+ workout options available. Let’s take a closer look:

  1. Virtual Tours: Immerse yourself in real-world settings and explore some of the most picturesque destinations as you row. It’s like a virtual travel experience combined with a great workout.
  2. Performance: Utilize data to optimize your workouts. This setting helps you track your progress, burn calories, and build muscles more effectively by providing valuable insights and metrics.
  3. Games: This is where Aviron garnered considerable media attention. Engage in virtual games while you row. Trust us, when you’re being chased by zombies or competing in exciting challenges, you’ll find that extra burst of energy to keep going!
  4. Pros Vs Joes: Put your skills to the test by competing against professional athletes. Challenge that friend who claims they could have been a pro athlete and see who comes out on top!
  5. Guided Programs: Follow structured workouts designed to keep you on track and motivated. These programs may even incorporate movements off the rower, adding variety to your at-home workouts.
  6. Competition: Engage in friendly competition with family and friends. Compare your performance and strive for bragging rights as you row toward your fitness goals.
  7. Power Play: This setting combines guided programs with game elements. Earn points as you complete the workout, adding an element of fun and motivation to your sessions.
  8. Arcade: Although it could fall under the Games category, the Arcade setting is specifically designed for playing traditional arcade-style games while you row. It’s a nostalgic twist that adds an extra layer of enjoyment to your workouts.

With such a diverse range of workout styles, Aviron ensures that boredom is never an issue. You can constantly mix things up, stay motivated, and have a blast while achieving your fitness goals.

So, get ready to embark on a journey filled with virtual tours, friendly competitions, engaging games, and much more with the incredible Aviron Rower workouts.

What We Like About Aviron Impact and Strong Rowers

Workout Modes

The Aviron Rower stands out with its impressive range of 7 different workout modes, putting it well ahead of the competition.

We particularly enjoy the game mode and the Pros vs Joes feature, as they prove to be incredibly addictive and effective in pushing us to work harder during our workouts.

If you struggle with motivation, these modes are true game-changers, allowing you to burn calories while immersing yourself in engaging content.

The variety of workout options ensures there’s something for everyone, whether you prefer games, rowing along to a Netflix show, or listening to Spotify.

Family Friendly

The Aviron Rower is perfect for families. With its gamification settings, it becomes much easier to get reluctant kids (or adults) to stick to their workout routines.

Kids who enjoy video games will especially love Aviron, as it offers a wide selection of gaming options. The best part is that the results are based on the efforts put into rowing, making it necessary to exercise in order to complete the games.

Considering the versatility and family-friendly nature of the Aviron Rower, its value becomes evident when you realize that everyone in your household can benefit from it (and you can all have your own profiles).


The Aviron Rower introduces a game-changing feature with its ability to provide up to 100lbs of resistance.

This feature completely transforms your perspective on rowing machines, turning it into not only a cardio tool but also a valuable strength training equipment.

The high resistance settings offer a remarkably natural feel, enabling efficient and effective workouts at higher resistance levels. With 16 different settings available, you can easily find the perfect resistance that suits your fitness level, whether you prefer a challenging intensity or a lighter workout.

Aviron incorporates both air and magnetic resistance, allowing for seamless adjustments in resistance while delivering a realistic rowing experience. Additionally, compared to other rowers we’ve tested, it operates with reduced noise levels, enhancing the overall workout experience.

It’s worth noting that the Aviron Rower’s 100lbs of resistance is a standout feature, surpassing many lower-priced rowers that simply cannot match this level of resistance capability.

High Seat

Both the Aviron Impact and Strong provide a comfortable raised seat but they go about it slightly differently.

Impact Series: The Impact series rowers feature a high rail frame that positions you noticeably higher compared to other rowers.

This design choice makes it easier to get on and off the rower. However, due to the high rail, you will need to lift your leg over it.

Strong Series: The Strong series takes the concept of a high seat one step further by combining a lower rail frame (10 inches off the floor) with a high seat (20 inches off the floor).

This is particularly beneficial for individuals with limited mobility, as it simplifies the process of getting on and off the rower.

Moreover, this configuration alters the angle of your hips and legs during workouts, potentially offering a more comfortable exercise experience.

Great for Tall and Heavier Users

Both the Strong and Impact Aviron rowers feature long rails, making them suitable for taller users. The manufacturer claims the rails are suitable for individuals up to 6’8″ in height.

The Strong series has a higher maximum user weight capacity of 507 lbs compared with 397lbs for the Impact. This provides added stability and support for heavier users.

The Strong series allows you to adjust the foot pads apart, which can enhance the rowing experience, particularly for individuals with wider hips.

Great Build Quality

Both the Aviron Impact and Aviron Strong Rowers exude a sense of luxury and quality in every aspect, from the 22-inch touchscreen display to the meticulously designed seat and frame.

The attention to detail and inclusion of premium features elevate the rowing experience to new heights, far surpassing the average rowing machine.

Notably, the ergonomic seat stands out as a prime example of the superior comfort and craftsmanship found in the Aviron Rowers.

These subtle yet significant enhancements contribute to an overall positive and enjoyable workout experience.


While the idea of playing video games while exercising may initially seem like a gimmick, it undeniably serves as a powerful motivator.

Witnessing your name drop down the leaderboard during a race, or being overtaken by a workout partner, provides a strong incentive to push yourself harder and strive for improvement.

We understand that achieving our fitness goals requires consistent exercise and a healthy diet.

However, maintaining motivation and long-term commitment can be challenging. That’s why any tools or content that enhance motivation are genuinely valuable and worthy of exploration.

By incorporating engaging elements like interactive games and competitive challenges, the Aviron Rower effectively boosts motivation, making your fitness journey more enjoyable and rewarding.

Surprisingly Compact

The Aviron Impact series rowers offer a pleasant surprise with their ability to fold up into a remarkably compact shape.

This feature makes them incredibly convenient for home use, as they can be easily stored in limited spaces.

Alternatively the Strong can be stored vertically (no need for an extra stand like with a Hydrow), so Aviron’s rowers provide flexibility in terms of storage options.

Rotating Handlebars

One standout feature of the Aviron rowers is the rotating handlebars, designed to encourage proper hand positioning during rowing.

This is particularly beneficial for beginners, as it eliminates concerns of overreaching and minimizes strain on the forearms when pulling back.

Additionally, the rotating handlebars contribute to a more comfortable rowing experience overall.

No Membership Required

While most connected smart rowers require a membership for full access to additional features, Aviron sets itself apart by allowing users to still utilize the rower and access basic features and content without a membership.

While we wouldn’t recommend purchasing the rower without a membership, having the option to use it with basic features even if you choose to cancel your membership in the future is certainly a noteworthy advantage.

It provides peace of mind and added value, knowing that the rower remains functional and usable without a full membership.

Without a membership, you are able to:

  • Establish a profile
  • Add friends to monitor their workouts and progress
  • Track your own workouts
  • Utilize the Metrics Monitor program to access comprehensive metrics
  • Access the Metrics Monitor even without Wi-Fi or internet connection

To be honest, to get the full Aviron experience you need a membership but the free option is much better than Hydrow without a subscription.

Other Things to Consider

  1. Aviron Membership: To fully enjoy all the interactive features offered by Aviron, an Aviron membership is required. The membership is priced at $29 per month, with the option to save by choosing an annual billing plan at $25 per month. It’s worth noting that only one membership is needed per rowing machine, regardless of the number of users. This is a notable advantage, making it more cost-effective for households with multiple individuals. Additionally, the flexibility to cancel and restart the membership at any time adds practicality for home users.
  2. Internet Connectivity: Keep in mind that a stable internet connection is necessary to access the interactive content provided by Aviron. When considering the placement of your rowing machine, ensure that the intended location has reliable internet access. This will ensure seamless connectivity and uninterrupted access to the engaging features and workouts.

Considering these factors will help you make an informed decision about integrating the Aviron rowing machine into your fitness routine, ensuring you have the necessary membership and suitable internet connectivity to fully enjoy the interactive experience.

Aviron Rower Impact Series

Who is the Aviron Best For?

To be honest. Everyone.

This is really the thing that I love so much about Aviron. They offer such a huge range of workout options that there is something for everyone.

If you’re a gamer seeking a unique workout experience, Aviron is undoubtedly the perfect rower for you. The ability to engage in video games while exercising will revolutionize your home workouts and add a whole new level of enjoyment.

Not so into games?

With Aviron, you also have the opportunity to compete against rowing professionals, individuals like yourself, or even Olympic athletes, all while being part of a thriving Aviron community for support, engagement, and exhilarating races.

Whether you seek guided workouts or coached training, Aviron has you covered. And if you’re someone who craves intense workouts but has limited time, the Aviron rower is specifically designed to meet your needs.

The range of interactive workouts offered by Aviron ensures there’s something for everyone.

Want to row while you watch your favorite show? No problem. Tune in to Netflix or Disney Plus and work out whilst watching the 22″ screen right in front of you.

You can also create unlimited profiles.

This means that both you and your partner/family/friends can have individual profiles to track your fitness goals, remember your preferred types of workouts, and customize other settings.

Whether you’re into exhilarating races or serene scenic rows, Aviron caters to your unique preferences.

For those seeking diverse workouts to combat boredom, the opportunity to compete with professional rowers, forge new connections, and enjoy a wide variety of exercises, the Aviron rowing machine is the ultimate choice.

It offers a fusion of fun, challenge, and endless possibilities for your fitness journey.

Families will also find Aviron to be an excellent choice as it allows for friendly competition among members, boosting motivation and making exercise a fun and interactive activity for everyone.

For individuals looking to incorporate resistance training into their fitness routine without using traditional weights or engaging in strength-based workouts, Aviron is an ideal option.

With its impressive 100 lbs of resistance, rowing on an Aviron machine engages a remarkable 86% of your muscles, surpassing the benefits of cycling or running. When it comes to cardio machines, rowers are hard to beat.

Aviron Impact vs Strong – The Bottom Line

When it comes to home rowing machines, smart rowers are undoubtedly the way to go, provided your budget allows for it, and choosing between Aviron Strong vs Aviron Impact is a smart move.

While they may be pricier than standard rowing machines, the immersive and engaging workouts they offer will completely transform your at-home exercise routine.

For me, Aviron is far better than the likes of Hydrow or Peloton Row and you can’t go wrong with either Aviron Impact or Aviron Strong.

In terms of Aviron’s two models, the Impact series provides great value for most users, delivering all the essential features you need.

However, if you’re interested in additional features like a high seat or movable foot pads, the Strong series might be worth the small extra investment.

If the idea of playing games while exercising sounds appealing to you, Aviron is our top recommendation.

They currently offer a 30-day risk-free trial, giving you the opportunity to experience the benefits firsthand and decide if Aviron is the perfect rower for your needs.

Aviron opens up a world of interactive workouts and enjoyable fitness experiences.

For me, this is the big thing. If you enjoy it you’ll use it. And if you use it you’ll be well on the way to a fitter healthier and happier you

Take advantage of their trial offer and see for yourself how Aviron can revolutionize your home workouts.

Aviron - End Boring Workouts - Impact Series Rower

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