Marcy MWM 988 vs 990 [2023] Comparison Review

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There are some great home gyms available and in this post, I will compare Marcy MWM 988 vs 990 so you can decide which is right for you.

If you are tired of spending endless hours at the gym, dealing with crowded spaces and sweaty equipment then investing in a home gym could be the perfect solution for you.

But with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one.

That’s why we’re here to compare the Marcy MWM 988 vs 990 home gyms, two popular models that are often compared against each other.

They are made by the same manufacturer, look pretty similar, and share many of the same features so, to be honest, it’s hard to choose between them.

So, that’s why I have taken a deep dive into each model’s specifications and versatility, to show you what the key differences are and which one to go for.

Marcy MWM-988 Overview

Who says you need to break the bank to get a quality workout at home? The Marcy MWM-988 home gym proves that you don’t have to sacrifice features and functionality for affordability.

Marcy 988

With its budget-friendly price tag, this model offers an impressive range of 36 exercises to work out every muscle group in your body.

Plus, with a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds, the Marcy Mwm 988 home gym can easily handle most fitness enthusiasts.

While the warranty may only be two years, it’s still a steal considering the features you get for the price.

So, if you’re looking for a cost-effective way to get fit, the Marcy MWM-989 might just be your ticket to a healthier you.


  • Budget-friendly pricing
  • Robust steel construction for durability
  • Quiet operation while exercising
  • 36 exercises to choose from
  • Six different workout stations to target various muscle groups
  • Includes useful attachments such as an ankle strap and a lat bar
  • Low maintenance requirements for hassle-free ownership.


  • The seat is not adjustable, limiting comfort during use
  • The weight stack is not upgradable, meaning you’ll be stuck with the same weight limit
  • The assembly process requires tools that are not included, and may require more than one person to complete
  • It lacks a mid-pulley station, which some users may find limiting in terms of exercise options.

Marcy MWM 990 Overview

If you’re looking for an even more affordable option than the MWM-988, the Marcy MWM-990 might be just what you need.

Despite its lower price tag, the Marcy Mwm 990 home gym still packs a punch with a solid array of features.

With 30 different exercises to choose from, you’ll still get a diverse workout that targets all the major muscle groups.

Additionally, the weight stack offers 150 pounds of resistance and includes a safety lock for quick and easy weight changes.

The MWM-990’s compact size makes it a great choice for those with limited space at home.


  • A variety of 30 different exercises to choose from
  • A highly affordable option for a full-body workout at home
  • Requires minimal maintenance, so you can spend more time exercising
  • Features a safety lock for quick and easy weight changes
  • Comes equipped with high and low pulleys for a versatile workout
  • Six convenient workout stations to target every muscle group
  • A relatively compact design that’s perfect for smaller spaces
  • The preacher curl pad is both removable and adjustable for your comfort
  • Nonslip rubber feet keep the machine stable and secure during use
  • Includes an overhead lat station to diversify your exercise routine
  • Dual-function press arms to add even more exercise options to your workout.


  • The weight stack is not upgradeable beyond the 150-pound limit
  • Assembly requires tools that are not included with the machine
  • It may not be suitable for individuals over 6 feet tall due to its design
  • The 150-pound weight stack may not provide enough resistance for advanced users
  • The seat is not adjustable, which may affect comfort during use.

Marcy Home Gym MWM 988 vs 990 Comparison Table

Marcy MWM 988Marcy MWM 990
Total exercises36+30
Weight Stack150 lbs150 lbs
Leg DeveloperYesYes
Preacher Curl PadRemovableRemovable
Pulley SystemUpper & LowerUpper & Lower
User Capacity300 lbs300 lbs
Press Arm MotionsButterfly press and Chest pressButterfly press and Chest press
PriceCheck Latest PriceCheck Latest Price

Did you manage to spot the difference? Yep it’s just the number of exercises that are available 36 for the Marcy MWM 988 compared to 30 on the Marcy MWM 990.

But the real difference is how they look. I prefer the styling of the MWM 990, but that’s just me.

Marcy 988 vs 990 Compared: Key Features

Are you torn between the Marcy MWM 988 and MWM-990 home gyms? Here’s a breakdown of their key features.

Both machines have a weight stack with 150 pounds of resistance and can accommodate users up to 300 pounds. They also feature a weight stack lock system to prevent injury during your workout.

The MWM 988 offers an impressive 36 different exercise routines, while the MWM-990 has 30.

The MWM 988 has 14 weight plates, each weighing in at 10 pounds, which is the same as the MWM-990.

One feature that sets both machines apart is their upper and lower pulley system, which adds to the versatility of your workout routine.

Ultimately, the choice between these two home gyms may come down to personal preference in terms of exercise options.

Other than price this is the key difference between the Marcy 988 and Marcy 990

But with similar features and weight stack capacities, you can’t go wrong with either the Marcy MWM 988 or MWM-990.

Marcy MWM 988 vs Marcy MWM 900 – Versatility

Get ready for a full-body workout with either the Marcy MWM-988 or MWM-990 home gyms, which both come equipped with six workout stations.

These stations include a high pulley, low pulley, chest press, pec fly, curl pad, and leg developer.

With a good variety of exercises available on both machines, you can easily target every muscle group in your body.

And for added comfort during leg exercises, the machines come with four rollers made with comfortable foam that make moving around the machine a breeze.

So whether you’re looking to work on your upper body, lower body, or core, the Marcy MWM-988 and MWM-990 have got you covered.

Here are just a few of the exercises that you can do on each machine:

Marcy MWM 988 Exercises

  • Legs — Leg curls, outer leg kick, Inner tight leg cross, kickbacks.
  • Chest — Vertical grip chest presses, fly presses.
  • Back — Lat pulldown, reverse flye.
  • Arms — Seated biceps curls, stand-up biceps curls, tricep pushdown.
  • Shoulders — Upright rows, front deltoid raise.
  • Abs — Ab Pulldowns.

Marcy MWM 990 Exercises

  • Legs — Leg extensions, hamstring curls.
  • Chest — Chest press, chest flye.
  • Back — Lat pulldown, reverse flye, standing row.
  • Arms — tricep pushdown, preacher curl, standing curl.
  • Shoulders — Delt raises (front, lateral, rear).
  • Abs — Cable crunch.


Looking for a home gym that won’t take up too much space? The Marcy MWM 988 and MWM 990 are both great options, with each machine requiring the same amount of space at 68″L x 36″W x 79″H.

These machines are perfect for those with limited space who still want to get a full-body workout at home.

However, it’s important to note that if you’re over six feet tall, you may find it a bit challenging to use the machines as they are only seven feet tall.


Assembling a home gym may seem daunting, but both the Marcy MWM 988 and MWM 990 come with an assembly manual that makes the process less intimidating.

It’s still recommended to have a second person to help with the assembly, and it generally takes around three to four hours to complete.

Once your gym is up and running, you’ll want to make sure you take proper care of it. Regularly lubricating the moving parts with WD-40 or light oil will help keep it running smoothly. Additionally, inspecting and tightening all parts before each use is crucial to ensure your safety.

Luckily, the 14-gauge heavy-duty steel tube frame construction of these machines means they are built to last.

However, it’s still important to inspect the equipment regularly for signs of damage or wear and tear. With proper maintenance, you can expect these machines to provide you with many years of excellent workouts.


Let’s not beat about the bush. These two home gyms are very similar. And so is the price. Currently, there is about a $100 price difference.

The Marcy 990 is the more expensive machine which reflects the slightly higher range of exercises that you can do on the machine.


When it comes to purchasing a home gym equipment, warranty coverage is an essential consideration.

The Marcy Home Series Gym Machine offers a solid two-year warranty, providing peace of mind in case of any quality issues. However, it’s important to note that most warranties only cover manufacturer defects and not normal wear and tear from everyday use.

To make a well-informed decision, it’s crucial to inquire about the warranty’s coverage before buying. Being aware of what’s covered and what’s not can help you make the right choice and ensure your investment lasts for years to come.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Marcy MWM 988 and MWM 990 are both excellent options for anyone looking to set up a home gym.

They are compact, affordable, and provide a full-body workout experience. While the MWM 990 offers more exercise options, the MWM 988 still provides plenty of variety to target various muscle groups.

Both machines are built with durable materials and come with a warranty, giving you peace of mind that your investment is protected.

The only real difference is the look of the machine. That’s it I wrote this whole Marcy 990 vs 988 comparison and the only real difference is how they look!

I’d go for whichever one is cheaper on the day I order (I’ve noticed prices vary a bit). They are pretty much identical machines so get the one that saves you a few dollars!

Or get the one you think looks nicest. Your choice!

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